10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is a sanctuary of sorts. You use it to prepare for a busy day, and retreat to it at night to prepare for sleep. It’s the gathering spot for kids’ bubble baths, mom’s nail polish application, and teenage obsessions over eyebrows in the mirror. It’s such a major hub of activity in a household on any given day, yet so many of us are living with spaces that are too cramped and that no longer fit our needs.

Your bathroom is a highly functional room, to be sure. However, it’s also one of the most critical rooms potential buyers consider when you’re selling your home. Tackling a bathroom remodeling project may strike fear into the heart of any discerning homeowner, but it doesn’t have to. A big part of such a project is your cabinets. An upgrade or facelift in this area can make all the difference. A bathroom cabinet remodel in Corona may be all you need.

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Need more inspiration to take that next step? Here are 10 compelling reasons why you should engage in bathroom remodeling.

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Reasons Why You Need Bathroom Remodeling

1.        To Add a Bathroom

When you first bought your home, it was likely just you and your spouse. One bathroom was all you needed. Fast forward 10 years and you likely have a few kids, causing you to outgrow your initial space. Many homeowners choose to add an ensuite in the master bedroom, turn a closet into a half bath or add a bathroom to a floor that doesn’t already have one (think finished basement).

2.        To Expand a Current Bathroom

If you don’t have the budget or the space to create an entirely new bathroom, consider enlarging and expanding an existing bathroom. You could enlarge a half bath by adding a shower or tub. Or put a tub in an existing shower. These projects will still add value to your home and give you the necessary space for comfort.

3.        To Accommodate an Aging Relative

If you are considered the sandwich generation—that is, older adults who are taking care of their own families and caring for an aging parent – you need a bathroom that will safely accommodate your loved one. You may have to upgrade your existing bathroom to add cabinetry down low, rails for the shower or grab bars near the toilet.

4.        To Update Your Bathroom

Bathroom styles change as the years and decades go by. The avocado green that worked in the 70s is severely dated today. Updating your bathroom to reflect modern styles is certainly one of the more common reasons for a bathroom cabinet remodel in Corona, such as installing Shaker espresso cabinets. This could be as simple as updating the fixtures or you may want to completely tear out the existing cabinets and start over.

5.        To Improve Function

A bathroom remodel can increase the utility and function of your bathroom, such as by adding more storage, improving the ventilation, creating a walk-in shower, adding a bidet or putting in a double sink.

6.        To Fix a Plumbing Issue

When you experience plumbing problems that are caused by a leak in the walls, for example, this is not an easy fix. Because of the work involved, you may just decide to do a remodel at the same time.
10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Bathroom Remodeling

7.        To Install Water-Saving Devices

Saving water, and therefore money on your water bill, is always a good thing. You may take this opportunity to install water-saving devices, such as low-flow shower heads and low-flow toilets.

8.        To Improve Energy Efficiency

Another way to save money is on your energy bill. When you consume less energy, you spend less money. Remodeling your bathroom to be more energy efficient is smart, such as installing LED lights and more efficient ventilation fans.

9.        To Make Cosmetic Changes

A bathroom remodel can certainly give your whole bathroom a facelift. Just changing out the cabinets or slapping on a new coat of paint, for example, can provide a drastic new look and feel to the space. You can do anything from replace your vanity to replace your vinyl flooring.

10.      Just Because

Sometimes you just need a change. You don’t need a specific reason. You just want something new to feel luxurious and comfortable. Changing our surroundings every once in a while makes us feel good. So why not just do it? You’ll be adding to your property value, functionality, comfort and even resale value.

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