3 Kitchen Cabinets No Homeowner Can Do Without

It’s impossible to imagine a kitchen without cabinets. Even kitchens that imitate those found in great British Victorian houses or the futuristic kitchens operated from the computer panels of “smart houses” have cabinets. Certainly, we’ve seen our fair share of kitchen cabinets in Corona, CA, and we’ve found that every home really should have these three types of cabinets:

  1. Base Cabinets

Base cabinets sit on the floor. They are used to store non-perishable foods, and pots and pans. This is because pots and pans can be large and heavy, and wall cabinets may not have the room nor the sturdiness to hold them. It’s also much easier to access pots and pans from base cabinets.

Some base cabinets are corner cabinets, which may present a problem. These types of cabinets tend to have narrow doors, and it can be access what they’re storing. The solution is a Lazy Susan made just for the corner cabinet or drawers that slide in and out.

  1. Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are where most cooks keep the plates, cups and drinking glasses as well as the prettier type of serving bowls. Wall cabinets are great candidates for glass panels so guests can enjoy the beauty and tidiness of the dinner service. They can also have LED lights installed to make dishes and beverage glasses even more attractive.

  1. Pantries

In houses with a lot of space, the pantry is a separate room to hold spices, dried foods and even root vegetables, but in a modern kitchen in Corona, it tends to be a tall and rather narrow cabinet. Some pantries are simple double doored cabinets of unfinished wood, while others come in two pieces that include a bottom cabinet with drawers and hidden shelves and a hutch with windowed doors.

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