5 Amazing Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Your Anaheim House

If you live in Anaheim and are considering upgrading your kitchen, start with the cabinets. Once you decide on the look of your new cabinets, this will form the foundation of the rest of the project. Whether you choose Shaker white or a deep cherry for your kitchen cabinets in Anaheim, all other elements will revolve around your cabinetry and fall into place.
5 Amazing Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Your Anaheim House
Try these unique ideas for the cabinets themselves:

  • Create depth in the room by using a variety of cabinet sizes and doors. You can maintain uniformity by making them all the same color or mix and match colors, such as pastels.
  • Wrap your cabinets around a corner so it can double as a bar. Now you can enjoy your company while playing host and preparing meals.
  • Embrace the natural feel of wooden cabinetry, creating depth by adding dark hardware.
  • Add texture to plain white cabinets by adding beadboard for an artistic touch.
  • Pair traditional white cabinets with wooden bar stools to create a clean but rustic feel.
  • Contrast light wood cabinets with a dark tiled backsplash.
  • Install a kitchen island with cabinets underneath for plenty of counter space for preparing meals without taking away from your storage.

Once you’re done sprucing up the main cabinetry for your kitchen, now it’s time to get down to the details that can really pull the whole look together.

Need some inspiration? From hardware to accents, check out these five amazing kitchen cabinet ideas for your Anaheim house.

1.      Horizontal Pulls

You can achieve a sleek, minimalist look for your kitchen without breaking your budget. Horizontal pulls are streamlined accessories that form a linear direction to create an optical illusion of a wider and more elongated space.

2.      Acrylic Handles

An ideal alternative for minimalist “push-to-open” cabinets and horizontal pulls, these are clear, transparent, and seem invisible from afar. Go with bar handles or squares for a tidy, classic look.

3.      Metallic-Tone Handles

If acrylic handles are too light for you, try mixed metallic handles, matching your kitchen cabinet handles with your faucet for a uniform appearance. Try a polished nickel and aged brass combination – a hot look right now. Another great look is gold hardware on white cabinets with marble counters.

4.      Sliding Spice Rack

If you love your spices, you need to keep them protected and organized. Were you aware that light, moisture, air and heat affect the quality of your spices? They should be stored in a dry and dark place. Install a sliding spice rack in your kitchen cabinets for easy access and organization. On the whole, shallow cabinets provide the ideal space to store your spices and condiments.

5.      Under Cabinet LEDs

Your overhead lights are great for illuminating the room as a whole, but you’ll also need task and detail lighting for your countertops so you can chop, cut, and prep with ease. Now, you’ll have fewer shadows, with lighting focused on your workspace. Plus you’ll save money as LEDs last longer and use less electricity than incandescents.

To further illuminate your kitchen, introduce a combination of white cabinets, counters and kitchenware to reflect off the natural light and brighten up your space.

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