5 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas For Your Home Decor

Whether as part of a small makeover or a total renovation of your kitchen, one of the main finishing touches on any redesign is the hardware. From knobs to drawer pulls to door handles, these accessories can really pull the whole look of your kitchen together. The hardware you choose is important, as it will affect comfort, functionality, ease of use and the overall aesthetics of the room.
5 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas For Your Home Decor
Searching for kitchen cabinets in Corona CA is only half the battle. Yes, you want sturdy, durable materials for storing your dishes, pots and pans, spices and utensils. But the hardware you choose to accessorize with them will make all the difference. There are many choices: brushed nickel or shiny chrome? Bronze or custom oak pulls? Simple or ornate? The choices can be mind boggling. Check out these five kitchen cabinet hardware ideas to complement your home décor.

1. Modern

Looking for a style that’s hot for 2018? Go modern with your cabinet hardware, with a look that has sleek features and straight handles in horizontal lines. These usually come in a stainless steel or chrome finish, with a skinny, streamlined look that will stand out against the color of your cabinetry. You could also opt for a rounded, long and vertical handle or sleek, elegant black coupled with a rustic, unstained wood, suggests HGTV. This look will work for mid-century modern chic with an emphasis on today’s latest looks.

2. Vintage

Think ornate cast iron cabinet latches, chrome and red handles, or Colonial Revival pulls, depending on the era of vintage you’re considering. Typical vintage accessories include large rounded knobs in a brass or ceramic white finish, perfect for completing the look of a solid wood cabinet in a dark finish.

3. Traditional

If you’re considering putting your home on the market in the near future, you may be best off with traditional kitchen cabinet hardware because this style appeals to a wide variety of buyers. Try small, ridged handles in a dark finish or perhaps go with square knobs for a slightly unique look that’s not too far off the mark. Brass in particular is a good choice for traditional kitchens. Think long, lean brass and gold drawer pulls that are a staple in many homes. They are definitely traditional yet with a modern twist, adapting to a wide spectrum of styles and color palettes for an effortless update.

4. Unique

If your kitchen isn’t done in one set style or you just can’t decide on which type of kitchen cabinet hardware to get, you can mix and match. Choose patterns and finishes that complement each other, installing them in a repeating pattern for a customized look. Plus, this makes it easy to switch up your style whenever the mood strikes. Just keep in mind if you plan on selling soon, these unique pieces may not impress potential home buyers. In that case, consider updating to more traditional cabinet hardware when it’s actually time to sell. But for now, let your creativity take over and give your kitchen a personal touch that no one else has.

You may consider something funky like dresser delicates, such as dainty drop pulls paired with more substantial hardware such as knobs and cup pulls. This will prevent the kitchen from looking too frilly yet still giving it a fashionable kick.

5. Neutral Kitchen Hardware

Many homeowners strive to incorporate a timeless kitchen – a room that will weather any trend throughout the years. This is a smart idea so as to save time, money and hassle every time the new year brings a new look. Understandably, you want your cabinet hardware to work in conjunction with this theme, so be on the lookout for solid square knobs or pulls in a stainless steel finish. You can stay neutral but still add style with a cupped cabinet pull for a long-lasting appeal.

How to Choose the Right Hardware for Your Kitchen Cabinets in Corona

With so many unique styles and finishes to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make a final decision. Check out these tips to help you:

  • Stick with a theme: The hardware you choose will complement the overall theme of your cabinets and kitchen as a whole. Ask yourself which hardware works best with different themes. You may want sleek, tubular pulls for a modern and contemporary space or simple, smooth knobs for traditional cabinets.
  • Keep finishes cohesive: Featuring a range of finishes from brushed nickel to brass, it’s best to keep one cohesive look among all accessories. Mixing and matching will create an eclectic, chaotic look. If that’s what you’re going for, great! But in general, you want to maintain the same finish and color families.
  • Know when to use knobs over pulls: In traditional and country kitchens, installing a knob on a cabinet is common. Many times, knobs present a better option than pulls, but how do you know the difference? If your kitchen cabinets are ornate or finely-detailed, use a knob rather than a pull. A knob is simpler and smaller, and won’t steal attention from the cabinet design scheme.
  • Consider your cabinet color: The color of your cabinets is just as vital as style when selecting hardware. For example, any finish will work well with white and painted cabinets, whereas you don’t get the same flexibility with shades of brown.
  • Know your budget: Budget always comes into play, so be mindful of what you can spend before you start looking. Often, this will dictate the material, finish and type of hardware you ultimately go with.

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