6 Amazing Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Your Santa Ana House

When you think of your ideal kitchen, do you think clean and contemporary or country charm? What about somewhere in the middle? It all starts with wholesale kitchen cabinets in Santa Ana. Every style cabinet has a personality of its own. New cabinetry can transform your kitchen into a showpiece, bringing the whole look together. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, but we think these kitchen cabinet styles are pretty amazing for your Santa Ana house.
6 Amazing Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Your Santa Ana House

1.      Inset Cabinets

Offering a timeless and classic design to your kitchen, inset cabinets feature the door resting inside the cabinet’s frame — unlike other door options that sit outside the frame. It makes for a classic design that complements anything from French country to traditional. It’s a pricier option than others, thanks to the intricacy of design and the elaborate installation process.

Because they show off cabinet hinges, this is your chance to choose unique accents that truly make your kitchen one of a kind.

2.      Shaker

Shaker cabinet are always among the most popular kitchen trend because their design is so  versatile. The Shaker style features clean lines and a flat panel, resulting in an elegant yet minimalistic look. Some styles feature a beveled outer frame at varying heights, creating a shadow effect. Shaker cabinets, whether you choose white, cherry or espresso, work with any style home.

3.      Beadboard

This classic look is great for a farmhouse or cottage style kitchen, offering a charming country look throughout the kitchen. This style is comprised of thin vertical panels that run across the door, like in a pinstripe pattern. This is especially nice when you have an open kitchen layout that connects to a dining room, which brings even more character to the matching cabinets and wall paneling. You can augment the look with a large apron-front sink and farmhouse decor.

4.      Flat

Also referred to as slab cabinets, this style features a smooth flat finish. They go well in modern, contemporary kitchens thanks to their clean and contemporary look. Choose an all-white or black palette, or go bolder with candy apple red, deep green or cobalt blue. It’s also very easy to get creative with hardware on flat panel doors.

5.      Arched

Arched kitchen cabinet designs have lots of flair, usually in a cathedral style or with a double arch design. In general, arched cabinets are more affordable than other types. Cathedral style features the top of the cabinet panel forming into a rounded arch. A double arch is included on the top and bottom of the panel, offering a pretty shadow effect for added dimension.

6.      Glass-Front

If you would like to display the insides of your kitchen cabinets in Santa Ana, go with glass front. You’ll have to be extremely neat and organized, though, in how you display your dishes and other items. You’ll also have to be diligent with cleaning the glass, as it can get smudged and streaked easily. This style can make your kitchen appear larger, so it’s ideal for small spaces.

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