A Step-by-Step Guide for Planning Your Kitchen Remodeling in Corona

If you are planning a remodel job with kitchen cabinets in Corona CA at the forefront, you’ll have to do some planning before you do anything else. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you start out.

#1: Get Inspiration

Now is when you should consider decorating styles and think about the colors you want for fixtures and wholesale kitchen cabinets. Flip through magazines, check online, watch home improvement programs, and surf the Internet. Once you’ve done that, organize your ideas visually by creating a mood board. Collect photos, add paint chips and fabric swatches, and pin them to a large piece of cardboard.
A Step-by-Step Guide for Planning Your Kitchen Remodeling in Corona
Maybe you want cherry wood cabinets or mitered charcoal for your new kitchen, or perhaps Shaker or Charleston white. Whichever one you choose, your whole kitchen remodel will revolve around these choices.

# 2: Set Your Budget

Establish your budget once you’ve spoken to your designer or wholesaler about which cabinets you want. Summit Cabinets makes it easy with a free kitchen design if you’re having trouble visualizing how it will all come together. The free service uses advanced 3D technology to map out your kitchen and come up with the best plan for use of your RTA kitchen cabinets.

Next, estimate what the labor and material costs will be, then add a 10 percent cushion for delays or contingencies.

#3: Measure Your Space

Gather precise measurements so you can use those when ordering your cabinets for the most precise fit. Measure all outside walls, windows and doorways.

# 3: Order Your Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

Do your research on which contractor or cabinet company you’ll go with. Look into experience, reputation and product quality.

#4: Establish a Timeline

Work with your kitchen designer to come up with a timetable for ordering and completion of cabinetry. With ready to assemble cabinets, many installation projects can be completed in a day.

#5: Designate a Temporary Kitchen

Before your new cabinets are delivered and installed, you’ll have to plan out where you’ll eat and prep food while the project is taking place. This may be a day or two if you’re just doing cabinets, or many weeks if you’re remodeling the entire kitchen. Set up refrigeration and cooking in a different room, such as using a dorm-sized refrigerator and microwave. You can even grill for a couple days or do takeout.

#6: Pack Up Your Kitchen

Carefully pack all contents of your cabinets and counters, from plates and bowls to silverware and toasters, moving these items to a safe place.

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