Bathroom Cabinets: Staying Organized While Looking Great

When buying bathroom cabinets in Los Angeles, take stock of your toiletries, linens and all those other things you’ll need to separate, organize, and store! This requires creativity and resourcefulness.

One great trick to help keep your toothbrush separate from your hairbrush is to place a silverware organizer with various compartments in a cabinet drawer. In place of spoons, forks, and knives, the long compartments would easily fit items such as lipstick, mascara, a contact case, deodorant, or combs. If you wanted to take your silverware organizer to the next level, you could hand paint it to match your bathroom decor. Just remember that it would be necessary to buy a sealant for the paint, so it does not flake off.

Under sink storage in a cabinet provides the perfect space for an upright magazine holder to store cleaning products and air fresheners. Cleaning products can easily gets knocked over and spill; the magazine holder will ensure that all products stay upright, keeping the disinfectant far away from your toilet paper.

If you’re constantly struggling to find the ideal place for hand towels, try installing a small towel bar on the inside of one of your bathroom cabinet doors. Remember to measure the inside of the cabinet door before purchasing the towel bar – you’ll want a bar that is a few inches shorter than the width of the door.

Buying bathroom cabinets can be exciting not only for the new look of your bathroom, but for the fantastic excuse to get organized! You don’t have to choose between a bathroom that pleases the eye and trying to store seemingly endless personal items. Try one or all of these ideas for a tidy and beautiful bathroom.

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