Bathroom Design Focus: the Vanity

The bathroom is a center for any morning routine. It is called a bathroom because it is associated with baths, but most of the preparation happens at the vanity. This is the real center of a morning routine for multiple reasons.

The vanity should be the design focus because it is the hub of daily preparation. A mirror is a great focal point for a bathroom because it is our only tool to see how we look. A well designed mirror space with a vanity cabinet will frame the face.

A vanity is also storage space for all vanity items. Getting a day started is much easier when all the tools are neatly organized and readily available. The utility of cabinets is important, but also the design. In a bathroom remodel, it is important to remember that the bathroom is a utilitarian space but it is also a place where people need to be comfortable.

Bathroom custom cabinets in Beverly Hills demand both utility and design. The best way to manage this is to make the vanity the focal point. Unfortunately, it is difficult and inefficient to add drawers to the shower. Otherwise, leaders in the industry such as Summit Cabinets would be providing the service.

Showers and baths get a lot of attention when remodeling a home bathroom, but the true focus ought to be the vanity. This is the centerpiece of organization, accessibility and preparation for each day. Take the time to put some serious thought into it. If you want a design consultation from an NKBA certified professional, give us a call.

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