Bathroom Remodeling: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Even a small bathroom remodel can be quite deceptive in terms of time and cost commitments. However, with proper planning, you can achieve your bathroom remodel more easily than you may have first assumed. There are many things to consider, from efficient use of space to quality materials, so we’ve got some tips to help your remodeling project go smoothly while keeping costs down.

Giving your bathroom an overhaul doesn’t have to put you in the poor house. From countertops to bathroom vanities in Corona, you can do it for less!
Bathroom Remodeling It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Affordable Yet High Quality Materials

The trick is to not compromise on material while watching price tags at the same time. That starts with searching for low-cost substitutes. Sure, you want that radiant-heat granite floor but that outlay alone will blow your whole budget. Go with vinyl instead, which can easily mimic the appearance of the material you really want at a fraction of the price, says The Spruce. Luxury vinyl flooring has come a long way – it’s not the cheap alternative you’re thinking of anymore! You can even try plank vinyl for an extra classy touch.

Instead of opting for high-end custom cabinetry from the expensive home improvement store down the street, go for wholesale bathroom vanities made of the highest quality materials yet with prices that fit well within your budget. For example, here at Summit Cabinets, our high-quality RTA cabinets come straight from the factory so you’re not paying for the middleman. Products are assembled on site, so again, you can save money there as well.

Saving Space

If you have a small bathroom, there’s really not much you can do about the big three: toilet, sink and bathtub/shower. Those are fixed components that you can’t move unless you plan on blowing out a wall and expanding. Assuming you need to keep the existing space, you’ll have to shift some of the other components around. This is where RTA, or ready to assemble, cabinets and vanities come into play.

These allow you to most efficiently use your designated space. Putting together your own cabinetry means you can customize how everything fits. Try doing that with standard cabinets!

If you are getting rid of your old sink and purchasing a new one, consider installing a corner sink or pedestal for small bathrooms such as guest baths and powder rooms. Another option is to extend the counter over the toilet, as seen with this banjo-style arrangement in stone or wood slab. The extended counter gives you more space for toiletries and decorative items, yet toilet placement is unaffected, with a look that’s minimalist and clean. You could also add an optical illusion of space by stretching the mirror across the whole wall instead of just over the vanity.
Bathroom Remodeling Doesn't Have To Break The Bank

Small Elements with a Big Impact

Not all elements of your bathroom remodel have to be big and expensive. It’s possible to make an impact in the décor and accessories you choose, too. Consider adding attention-grabbing backsplash tile, wall tile, flooring, and paint color. These are all unifying elements that can create a cohesive look for your room without spending a fortune. Plus, they’re easy to incorporate.

  • In an all-white bathroom, add colorful trim to the shades with ribbon and fabric glue, then accent your fixtures with brass pulls and pyramid knobs.
  • Go a little bold in your new bathroom. Use lively patterned wall paper in bright colors, perhaps on the upper half, with the bottom half and chair rail remaining white. You can get away with this in a bathroom, whereas a bold wallpaper would overwhelm a larger room.
  • Opt for a shower/tub overlay rather than a whole new one, which involves a lot of demolition and headache. Looks just as smooth and new! If space is an issue, use a shower curtain rather than install a glass door which can bump elbows.

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