Believe It or Not: Vanities and Cabinets Save Space

Though homeowners who are having a bathroom remodeled might fear the addition of a vanity or cabinet will simply eat up needed space, it actually won’t – if done right. Indeed, one of the functions of cabinets and vanities, besides their beauty and their usefulness in hiding pipes and U-bends, is storage. Proper storage organization brings an enormous feeling of openness and extra space.

Get Rid of Clutter Once and For All

Nobody likes clutter, especially in a bathroom. Additional bathroom cabinets, including those with mirrored glass fronts, can be placed above the existing medicine cabinet or even above the bathtub, toilet bowl or window to hold extra towels.

When remodeling your bathroom, whether in Beverly Hills or in a more modest part of town, vanity drawers can be placed so as not to interfere with the hidden plumbing. Not only that, but the doors can be used for storage. Bins or hooks can be attached to the inside of a door to hold cleaners and cleaning utensils. Inside, more cleaning tools can be neatly arranged in caddies or bins.

Metallic strips can be attached to the inside doors of wall cabinets to hold metal objects such as barber’s shears, nail files or nail clippers.

The top of a vanity does not have to be completely bare, either. It can hold items such as toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste and cosmetics kept in pastel-colored containers that complement the overall decor of the bathroom. Clear glass apothecary jars full of cotton balls and cotton swabs can also find a place on the vanity. These objects refresh the eye as they are kept within easy reach. The homeowner may also place a budvase full of fresh flowers or a collection of seashells on a roomy vanity top as well.

Creative storage touches like these make a bathroom a welcoming place to enter first thing in the morning.

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