5 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas For Your Home Decor

Whether as part of a small makeover or a total renovation of your kitchen, one of the main finishing touches on any redesign is the hardware. From knobs to drawer pulls to door handles, these accessories can really pull the whole look of your kitchen together. The hardware you choose is important, as it will […]

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6 Amazing Kitchen Remodeling Ideas You Should Know

Whether you’re prepping, hanging out, cooking, entertaining, spending time with family or just having a quiet cup of coffee before starting the day, your kitchen is a main hub of activity. The Food Network says the average American spends about two hours a day in this important room of the house, between preparing, eating and […]

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5 Hot Trends in Bathroom Vanities For 2018

To most people, the bathroom is their personal sanctuary. It’s so much more than just a place to wash up. It’s more like a personal spa, where you can relieve the stress of the day and just relax. When planning a bathroom remodel, you’re not only creating a practical, functional bathing space, you are carving out […]

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Increase Your Home Value With Bathroom Remodeling

Admit it: that baby blue tile, wallpaper border and shag rug in your current bathroom are all getting very tired. It’s time for an update that can transform not just the look of your bathroom but its function as well. The best way to breathe new life into this most essential room of the house […]

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Purchasing Kitchen Cabinets Online at the Best Price

Everyone wants a deal. It makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something, saved yourself some dough, scored the mother of all deals…it just makes you feel good. This feeling of accomplishment is 10-fold when you can make a big-ticket purchase online for the best possible price. Take kitchen cabinets for instance. You may have nearly […]

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How White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets are Perfect For Your House

While there are many kitchen cabinet styles on the market today, there are some that are timeless classics. Take white Shaker kitchen cabinets, for example. They match a wide variety of decors, styles and layouts, featuring a clean, simple look that is endearing in any kitchen. So what exactly is the Shaker style? Well, it […]

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Top Reasons to Buy Your Kitchen Cabinets Online

In-store or online cabinets: that is the question. Buying discount kitchen cabinets online has its advantages. With so many options at your disposal these days, why limit yourself to only in-store purchases? Check out the many reasons why you should buy your kitchen cabinets online. Better Use of Time Hitting a bunch of stores to […]

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White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: The Hot Remodeling Design Trend

Appealing to the minimalist in all of us, Shaker style kitchens are nothing if not honest: sleek, unadorned, sophisticated with a no-fuss approach. Taking its name from the religious sect that dominated New England in the 1700s, Shaker style kitchens adopt the same mindset that its original followers believed: that every object in a home […]

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