Cabinet Moulding: a Touch of Class

Cabinet moulding can take any kitchen from drab to fab but is often an overlooked detail that homeowners don’t normally think to implement.

Fortunately, kitchen cabinet mouldings are a relatively easy addition and can make any kitchen remodel project look like a custom job. These architectural points of focus can enhance nearly any style of cabinetry.

With an endless amount of configurations and designs that can be added to your kitchen, you will be able to choose the perfect fit for your style. If you are interested in purchasing discount kitchen cabinets in Corona, here are a few different moulding types that you should focus on when enhancing your home’s most utilized space.

Stacked Crown Moulding

This is a true decorative accent to any kitchen and is often used when the ceilings are too high for the cabinets to be built in accordance with. The moulding is stacked on top of each other and can be created into elaborate designs.

Stepped Crown Moulding

If you want to bring some depth and architectural design to your kitchen, stepped crown moulding is the way to go. It features varied heights of the upper cabinets but requires a great deal of precision to accurately cut and place the moulding. Help from a professional may be the best route for installation.

Shoe Moulding

Shoe moulding is the go to design feature if you are trying to hide any imperfections that are noticeable at the base of your cabinetry. It is installed around the perimeter of cabinets to provide a seamless connection with the floor.

Bottom Moulding

Exactly as the name implies, bottom moulding is placed at the base of cabinet doors to make kitchen cabinets and islands appear like a piece of furniture. This sophisticated look can complete a kitchen’s design when used in conjunction with other more traditional moulding forms.

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