Choosing A Quality Bathroom Vanity

The right vanity can be the centerpiece of a bathroom or powder room. But this crucial piece of furniture is not only pleasing to look at, but must be able to bear up under the humidity and hard use that attends a bathroom.

This means a bathroom vanity in Corona must be made of the right materials, and have sturdy construction.


There are several styles of vanities, but the most popular are wall mounted, cabinet style and furniture look.

Wall mounted vanities are ideal for small spaces, and they lighten the look of even large bathrooms since they appear to float.

Furniture style vanities resemble and sometimes are made from fine furniture such as bombé chests that have been repurposed to take plumbing fixtures.

Cabinet style vanities offer the most storage, as they come with drawers and cabinets.


Because they are placed in such a humid area, modern vanities are often made of wood products or engineered wood. Engineered wood, which has a layer of premium wood over layers of inferior wood bounded together under heat and pressure, are less likely to expand or contract than solid wood.

Other wood products are medium density fiberboard, plywood or particle board. The homeowner should make sure that the material is not inferior or perishable. If a material’s low cost seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Vanity tops, which incorporate a sink (or even two sinks), need to be made out of material that is water resistant and tough.

But this doesn’t mean it has to be purely functional. Stone is a popular material for vanity tops, especially beautifully colored or patterned stone such as marble or granite.

Other good materials for vanity tops are concrete, which can be polished to a glass finish, ceramic tiles, engineered stone and even plastic laminate. Color through laminates are superior to regular laminates.

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