Creating a Family-Friendly Bathroom with Bathroom Cabinets in Los Angeles

How many times have you and your family been late because of a disorganized, tightly packed bathroom? When schedules overlap, it can be difficult for everyone to get out of the house on time.

Perhaps a bathroom remodel is in order. Whether you have a small home with just one bathroom or everyone seems to use the same bathroom all the time, you’ll want to make the area more family-friendly to suit everyone’s needs.

Think of the Children

If you have small children, you don’t want them getting into the same cabinets where you keep your medications and razors. Keep your own items in higher, taller cabinets, and give them their own drawer for their toiletries.

Little ones will also need help reaching the sink. If you’ve got small children it’s a good idea to keep a step stool nearby. But rather than keep it in a corner, blocking a door or getting in the way, get cabinets down low that can store it easily.

Speed up the process of getting ready by having a second sink installed in the main bathroom. That way, two people can brush their teeth and wash up simultaneously.

Easy to Clean

Give your morning a burst of freshness by keeping it clean, too. When designing or renovating your bathroom, ask for durable materials that are easy to clean. Choose scratch-resistant counters, tiles with minimal grout lines, and washable walls. If you’re able to choose your finishings, ask about ones that are resistant to scratches, dings, spills and stains.

Organize Smartly

The bigger your family, the more toiletries you’re going to have. Keep everything organized with bathroom cabinets. Give everyone their own shelf so that they always know where their items are.

Give everyone their own space beyond just a shelf in the cabinet. Every family member can have their own area with their towels, toiletries and mirror.

Decorate Smartly

Keep the decor neutral. If you want everyone to feel comfortable in the bathroom, it shouldn’t favor one person’s style. For example, if everyone is using the same bathroom throughout the day, it shouldn’t be decorated for the youngest child in the house. Your older kids (and even the adults) will feel out of place in a childishly decorated bathroom.


A bathroom remodel also improves your home value, too, so if you’ve been on the fence about it—now is the time!

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