Easy DIY Ways to Make Sure Your Cabinet Doors Stay Shut

One of the essential elements to having a highly functional and efficient kitchen is making sure you have plenty of storage space for food, utensils, and dishes. Sometimes with old cabinets, shelves that are almost overflowing with goods, or cabinets that are misaligned, you’ll run into the issue of the doors not wanting to stay shut. This can cause a hazard for bumped heads and it can pose a health hazard for low cabinets that small kids might get into. Luckily, there are a few easy DIY tricks you can try to make sure the doors stay closed when they’re supposed to.

1.) Magnets

If you go into any hardware store or home improvement store you’ll be sure to find small magnets that you can place on the edge of the door and the frame of the cabinet to keep it closed. If the magnets are strong enough they’ll even draw slightly ajar doors closed automatically with the pull of the magnet.

2.) Re-Align the Hinges

This might seem like a big project if you don’t have much experience, but it’s quite simple. You simply need a screw-driver a new hinge or two, and some screws. Follow the instructions here to help you align them properly.

3.) Latches

If you’re looking for a way to keep small children out of cabinets, or secure them beyond simply making sure they go the whole way shut, you may want to add a latch to the outside of them. With just a few simple supplies from the hardware store you’ll be sure your cabinets stay closed and secure.

With just a few supplies and a minimal amount of hands-on work you’ll be able to make sure your cabinets are closed and secure at all times. You might also want to budget and work with the finest discount kitchen cabinets Los Angeles has available, some of which may require a bit of adjustment to work in your home. Give Summit Cabinets a call today!

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