Getting Started With Kitchen Cabinets

Curious about how to get started with new kitchen cabinets? Here are some questions we see pretty regularly:

How do I begin my next kitchen cabinet remodeling project?

Kitchen cabinets can come in a mountain of different varieties. These different styles of wood and overlays can make it difficult to decide on an option when planning a remodeling project for your household.

So how do you begin to decide? By learning.

When purchasing wholesale kitchen cabinets, it is best to learn the basics about the cabinet options available. As you come to understand the differences in each style and material, your own inspiration will come to you.

What is the difference between standard overlay and full overlay?

There are two overlay options for those in the market for a cabinet overlay: Standard and Full. Standard overlay cabinets are slightly more cost-effective than the full overlay style of cabinets. Full overlay cabinets are typically higher in cost because they offer a customized feel. Their storage capacity can also be slightly larger than the standard overlay variety.

Standard overlay doors typically cover a quarter-inch to a half-inch of the face frame, which leaves a one-inch to 1 1/4-inch of the face frame showing.

Full overlay cabinet doors, on the other hand, usually cover 1 5/16” of the face frame, leaving you a 3/16” reveal. It may seem like a tiny difference, especially when you think about the overall size of your kitchen, but they each provide a completely different look and feel to a kitchen.

What kind of materials can I expect from wholesale cabinets?

Solid wood materials are what you’ll find at Summit Cabinets. We have a variety of real wood cabinets, with real sturdiness that will last in your home for a real long time. Shelving is solid wood for extra protection.

The cabinets’ texture and color is determined by the type of material you choose. This will determine the mood you set when you remodel your kitchen.

What are some installation tips for new kitchen cabinets?

Cabinets should always be removed one by one. Removing a cabinet one at a time ensures no damage is done to the structure of the wall. Before the installation process begins, the walls should be smooth. The fewer the bumps there are in the surfaces of the wall, the fewer adjustments will have to be made during the installation process.

Cabinets made from the most durable woods can increase the property value and transform the entire space. Choosing the right style to achieve your creative vision for the remodeling project may be the most important step to getting started. Installing the cabinets carefully ensure that no additional work has to be done later will prevent unnecessary damage to the cabinet or the structure itself. Ready to get started on your next exciting remodeling project?

Review our wide selection of cabinets and start planning today.

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