How Do We Manage Our Wholesale Cabinet Prices?

Renovating a kitchen can be both costly and time consuming. At Summit Cabinets, however, we believe in a different approach to this process.

We provide kitchen cabinets at factory wholesale prices. If this sounds as though the quality of our cabinets has been compromised, don’t worry – that is not the case at all.

In our chain of production and consumption, there are three key players. The manufacturer, the distributor, and you, the consumer.

Our manufacturer plays the part of creating your dream cabinets with the best materials available. They ensure that the cabinetry is as simple as possible to assemble once delivered, ensuring that your cabinetry needs only a flathead screwdriver to assemble.

From the manufacturer, the cabinetry lands in our hands to distribute to our customers here in Southern California. We’ve used our vast network of contacts within the manufacturing industry to obtain the very best in RTA cabinetry, securing real wood cabinets at factory prices.

And we don’t just deliver you a one-size-fits-all solution. You have options. We can install the cabinets for you, or have them sent to your front door. Our cabinets take only ten to twenty minutes to assemble, saving you costs that would otherwise be incurred in the form of time spent by a professional contractor.

Summit Cabinets works only with the best and most reliable of manufacturers as sources of our cabinetry. You can be sure that before a single cabinet gets into your kitchen, it has been through the most careful eyes and hands the industry has to offer. We insist on forming strong connections between all the members of our chain. This eliminates the worries that come with renovations and dealing with manufacturers or distributors. It also eliminates all the hidden costs that you may otherwise suffer.

At Summit Cabinets, high quality and low costs are synonymous.

Allow us to create your dream kitchen!

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