How to Measure Your Kitchen Accurately

Measuring the dimensions of a kitchen is not as simple as taking the width of a single wall and multiplying it by four. Kitchens are never perfect cubes. It is however also not as daunting a task as contractors may have you believe. You can measure your kitchen by yourself to assist and ensure the kitchen designers get correct estimates.

The importance of measuring kitchens

Measuring a kitchen is quite crucial for a successful design, even though most of us have a fear of the measuring tape. The idea is to indicate every placement of all the permanent objects that interrupt the walls such as windows, doors, pipes, as well as any other obstacles.

Note: it is important to ensure you do all your measurements in inches as opposed to in feet. Be sure to measure the total distance of all your kitchen walls from corner to corner.

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A step by step guide on how to measure your kitchen

To effectively measure your kitchen, it is imperative to arm yourself with knowledge of exactly what to measure. Listed below is a step by step guide that will educate you on what you need to measure whenever you are planning a kitchen remodel.

The first step when planning for a new kitchen is to take measurements, which in turn will enable certainty regarding the available space. All you require for this task is a pencil, a tape measure, and either a scratch paper or a planning grid, which you can easily find online.

For a successful kitchen remodel, it is important to take accurate measurements of the kitchen area since this will enable you to purchase perfectly sized kitchen fixtures such as kitchen cabinetry.

Step 1: Measure the lengths of your kitchen walls

You will need accurate measurements of the overall length of the kitchen walls, take these measurements and remember to write them down. If you are using a grid, draw a line to mark the length of all the kitchen walls. You should always begin wall measurement from the adjoining corner and measure from one edge of the wall to the other in order to get the total length of your kitchen area minus appliances, windows or any fixtures.

Step 2: Measure your kitchen appliances and windows

If you have a window under which you would like to center the kitchen sink, measure from the edge of the kitchen wall to the casing of that particular window, noting the measurements on your grid. Measure the window from all the casing edges and then measure the remainder of the wall, remember to mark down all your measurements.

Measure and mark every other window in the kitchen. All of the fixed kitchen appliances and fixtures, such as gas stoves and existing kitchen islands, should also be marked on the layout.

Taking a careful and accurate measurement of your kitchen appliances and windows will make your kitchen cabinets fit to perfection.
Be sure you take the width, depth and height measurements of all the appliances to be utilized in your kitchen. For the appliances that are of a built-in design such as double ovens, remember to indicate the cut-out dimensions.

Step 3: Mark all your kitchen fixtures

Start with the wall of the kitchen sink that is centered on a window, and then in clear and precise measurements, mark the current location of all your electrical and plumbing fixtures. Such fixtures could always be moved during the kitchen remodel to fit your new design and layout.

Step 4: Measure the height of your kitchen walls

Use the tape measure to measure the distance accurately, from the ceiling to the floor at each kitchen corner as well as at the center of each wall, noting the results on your sheet. These measurements will make it possible for you to choose the most suitable height for your wall cabinets, which you will base on the clearance of your kitchen countertop, plus whether or not your kitchen design will feature any space between the ceiling and cabinetry.

Measuring the height of your kitchen walls also provides knowledge on whether any major settling of your house might have occurred. Take note of any and all recessed ceilings, soffits, as well as any other feature that could impact on the height of your wall cabinets.

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