Is It Time for New Bathroom Cabinets? Four Ways to Tell

Thinking about what your bathroom would look like after a remodel? Not sure if you should take the risk? An easy way to freshen your bathroom space is to invest in new cabinets. For our customers that are interested in bathroom remodeling in the Corona, CA area, we can help you decide if it is time for new bathroom cabinets.

Here are four questions to ask yourself to see if your bathroom needs new cabinets…

1) Are your cabinet faces rougher than your beard?
There is a difference between older cabinets and cabinets that need to be replaced. A scuff here and there does not necessarily call for replacement. But if your cabinet faces are so rough they make you wince, it may be time to trade them in for some more modern pieces.

2) Does all your stuff fit inside them?
It can get old, running to another room to get an extra toothbrush or that item you need to finish cleaning up the bathroom. If your cabinets can’t hold everything that you need to store, it may be time to increase your storage space with new bathroom cabinets.


3) Do they open and close easily? (And do they stay that way?)
Nothing is more irritating than a cabinet door that needs to be slammed or jiggled closed. Worse is one that refuses to open or close. Why should you deal with more annoyances than you have to? Replace that old cabinet door for peace of mind.

4) Do you not know what’s inside your cabinets right now?
Cabinets that don’t suit your lifestyle can be a hassle. If you have a large family, but only one small cabinet, life can get frustrating fast! If you don’t know what’s in your cabinet because most items end up getting stuffed inside, a new cabinet system to help you get organized may be just what you need.

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