Kitchen Bases: Safer and More Convenient

Many of us have seen the traditional upper cabinets in various kitchens that we have been inside. Items such as plates, cups, and bowls are typically stored in the kitchen cabinets. What can cause an issue is when heavier items such as pots and pans are stored above in these elevated cabinets. To avoid this dilemma, we always recommend kitchen base cabinets, a.k.a. kitchen bases. Bases keep kitchens safer and more comfortable.

Kitchen bases keep kitchens safe because they aren’t elevated, keeping things within reach. Elevation becomes a problem when the individual is trying to move heavy items back and forth. Lifting pots and pans can be dangerous because they can hurt various muscles in the body if not lifted correctly. Also, the danger of pots and pans falling on an individual becomes possible when one is trying to remove items from the elevated kitchen cabinet.

Another safety issue for elevated cabinets is when they contain a kitchen cabinet outlet. When this outlet is used, the electrical cord hangs down from the elevated cabinet, which is extremely dangerous. If this cord were to get wet, an electrical fire could start. Or, a small child could pull on it, causing it and anything else nearby in that cabinet to fall and potentially injure the child. Switching to kitchen bases helps minimize or eliminate entirely these and other safety hazards.

A kitchen base stores all varieties of kitchen supplies in a storage compartment that is beneath the counter top. Since they are low to the ground, there are no worries about items falling or cords swinging in the air. Storing items down low also is more comfortable when moving heavier items back and forth from the cabinet.

Kitchen bases are a great renovation in the home as they provide protection to the individuals who are preparing food, putting things away, or rearranging new cookware. As always, safety comes first. If you’re redesigning your kitchen, we strongly recommend adding additional kitchen base room.

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