Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles

There are many reasons why you should add custom door handles to your kitchen cabinets. There are many different choices, and you can show off your personal sense of style while making your cabinets even more functional.

Cabinet door handles are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, so feel free to select the style, material, and finish that will work best for your unique kitchen.

Browse our styles below:

Asher 4″Asher 4″193-96PC
Asher 4-1/4″Asher 4-1/4″193-4PC
Asher 3-1/4″Asher 3-1/4″193-3PC
Asher 6-9/16″Asher 6-9/16″193-160PC
Asher 5-1/4″Asher 5-1/4″193-128PC
Belcastel 13-1/4″Belcastel 13-1/4″MO6373-12NI
Belcastel 7-1/8″Belcastel 7-1/8″MO6373-160NI
Belcastel 5-7/8″Belcastel 5-7/8″MO6373-128NI
Belcastel 4-5/8″Belcastel 4-5/8″MO6373NI
Belcastel 1-3/8″Belcastel 1-3/8″MO6303NI
Bordeaux 5″Bordeaux 5″8236-PC
Bordeaux 1-3/16″Bordeaux 1-3/16″3990-PC
Cairo 1-1/4″Cairo 1-1/4″595PC
Cairo 4-13/16″Cairo 4-13/16″595-96PC
Cairo 6-1/16″Cairo 6-1/16″595-128PC
Delmar 13-1/4″Delmar 13-1/4″585-12BNBDL
Delmar 7-1/16″Delmar 7-1/16″585-160BNBDL
Delmar 5-13/16″Delmar 5-13/16″585-128BNBDL
Delmar 4-1/2″Delmar 4-1/2″585-96BNBDL
Delmar 1-1/4″Delmar 1-1/4″585L-BNBDL
Delmar 1″Delmar 1″585BNBDL
Durham 13″Durham 13″Z290-12ABSB
Durham 6-3/4″Durham 6-3/4″Z290-160ABSB
Durham 5-1/2″Durham 5-1/2″Z290-128ABSB
Durham 4-1/4″Durham 4-1/4″Z290-96-ABSB
Durham 3-3/8″Durham 3-3/8″Z290-3-ABSB
Durham 1-1/4″Durham 1-1/4″3980-ABSB
Encada 4-13/16″ Waved Cabinet PullEncada 4-13/16″ Waved Cabinet Pull123-96SN
Encada 1-3/16″ Waved Square Cabinet KnobEncada 1-3/16″ Waved Square Cabinet Knob123SN
Encada 1-3/16″ Cable Square Cabinet KnobEncada 1-3/16″ Cable Square Cabinet Knob125SN
Encada 4-13/16″ Cable Cabinet PullEncada 4-13/16″ Cable Cabinet Pull125-96SN
Evangeline 6-1/2″ Fleur De Lis PullEvangeline 6-1/2″ Fleur De Lis Pull925-96SN
Evangeline 1-3/4″Evangeline 1-3/4″925SN
Hudson 13″Hudson 13″650-12SN
Hudson 1-7/8″Hudson 1-7/8″650-SN
Hudson 6-15/16″Hudson 6-15/16″650-160SN
Hudson 5-5/8″Hudson 5-5/8″650-128SN
Hudson 4-3/8″Hudson 4-3/8″650-96SN
Key Grande 14-1/8″Key Grande 14-1/8″5319SN
Key Grande 10-3/8″Key Grande 10-3/8″5224SN
Key Grande 9-1/8″Key Grande 9-1/8″5192SN
Key Grande 6-5/8″Key Grande 6-5/8″5128SN
Key Grande 5-3/8″Key Grande 5-3/8″596SN
Lafayette 12-15/16″Lafayette 12-15/16″317-12BNBDL
Lafayette 6-7/8″Lafayette 6-7/8″317-160BNBDL
Lafayette 5-5/8″Lafayette 5-5/8″317-128BNBDL
Lafayette 4-3/8″Lafayette 4-3/8″317-96BNBDL
Lafayette 1-3/8″ Plain Lafayette Cabinet KnobLafayette 1-3/8″ Plain Lafayette Cabinet Knob317BNBDL
Lafayette 1-3/8″ Lafayette Cabinet KnobLafayette 1-3/8″ Lafayette Cabinet Knob417BNBDL
Lafayette 1-3/8″ Raised Fleur-de-lis KnobLafayette 1-3/8″ Raised Fleur-de-lis Knob218BNBDL
Lille 12-7/8″ Palm Leaf Appliance PullLille 12-7/8″ Palm Leaf Appliance Pull415-12DBAC
Lille 6-7/8″ Palm Leaf Cabinet PullLille 6-7/8″ Palm Leaf Cabinet Pull415-160DBAC
Lille 5-5/8″Lille 5-5/8″415-128DBAC
Lille 4-3/8″Lille 4-3/8″415-96DBAC
Lille 4-3/4″Lille 4-3/4″415-96V-DBAC
Lille 1-1/4″Lille 1-1/4″415S-DBAC
Lille 1-3/8″Lille 1-3/8″415DBAC
Marvella 2-1/4″Marvella 2-1/4″561SN
Marvella 4-3/8″Marvella 4-3/8″561-96SN
Merrick 13-1/16″Merrick 13-1/16″549-320SN
Merrick 8″Merrick 8″549-192SN
Merrick 6-3/4″Merrick 6-3/4″549-160SN
Merrick 5-1/2″Merrick 5-1/2″549-128SN
Merrick 4-3/16″Merrick 4-3/16″549-96SN
Mirada 8-1/16″Mirada 8-1/16″80152-160SN
Mirada 6-13/16″Mirada 6-13/16″80152-128SN
Mirada 5-9/16″Mirada 5-9/16″80152-96SN
Mirada 1-9/16″Mirada 1-9/16″81021SN
Naples 368mmNaples 368mm368SN
Naples 220mmNaples 220mm220SN
Naples 176mmNaples 176mm176SN
Naples 156mmNaples 156mm156SN
Naples 136mmNaples 136mm136SN
Naples 40mmNaples 40mm40SN
Regency 1-9/16″ Floral Oval Cabinet KnobRegency 1-9/16″ Floral Oval Cabinet Knob1097ABSB
Regency 1-9/16″ Smooth Oval Cabinet KnobRegency 1-9/16″ Smooth Oval Cabinet Knob1099ABSB
Regency 4-1/2″Regency 4-1/2″1098ABSB
Somerset 4-7/8″Somerset 4-7/8″8004-PC
Somerset 6″Somerset 6″81065-PC
Somerset 5″Somerset 5″80814-PC
Somerset 6-1/4″Somerset 6-1/4″80815-PC
Sutton 11-7/16″Sutton 11-7/16″635-256SN
Sutton 7-1/2″Sutton 7-1/2″635-160SN
Sutton 5-7/8″Sutton 5-7/8″635-128SN
Sutton 4-3/4″Sutton 4-3/4″635-96SN
Sutton 2-1/4″Sutton 2-1/4″635-32SN
Tahoe 12-3/4″Tahoe 12-3/4″602-12SIM
Tahoe 5-13/16″Tahoe 5-13/16″602-128SIM
Tahoe 4-1/2″Tahoe 4-1/2″602-96SIM
Tahoe 1-1/2″Tahoe 1-1/2″602SIM
Tahoe 1-1/4″Tahoe 1-1/4″602S-SIM
Tuscany 9-3/4″Tuscany 9-3/4″749-224SIM
Tuscany 7-3/16″ Birdcage Cabinet PullTuscany 7-3/16″ Birdcage Cabinet Pull749-160SIM
Tuscany 5-15/16″ Birdcage Cabinet Pull with BackplatesTuscany 5-15/16″ Birdcage Cabinet Pull with Backplates749-128SIM
Tuscany 5-15/16″ Birdcage Cabinet PullTuscany 5-15/16″ Birdcage Cabinet Pull749-128B-SIM
Tuscany 4-11/16″ Birdcage Cabinet PullTuscany 4-11/16″ Birdcage Cabinet Pull749-96B-SIM
Tuscany 2-5/16″Tuscany 2-5/16″749SIM
Venezia 5-3/4″Venezia 5-3/4″1096DACM
Venezia 1-1/4″Venezia 1-1/4″1095DACM

Why Custom Door Handles for Your Kitchen Cabinets?


Your kitchen will feel more welcoming if you add small touches that make it all yours. The right door handles will personalize your space and help it to feel like home.


You can play a role in the look of your cabinets by choosing door handles that will match the style of your kitchen. Whether you are going for a rustic, traditional, or contemporary look, you will be pleased to have handles that will match your decor.


You can choose door handles made of materials like brass that will be a healthy choice for your kitchen since they are antimicrobial. Brass handles will help stop the spread of germs so that your kitchen continues to be a healthy place. Stainless steel, pewter, and nickel are stylish choices too.


You know your budget, so you will be able to have handles made for you that will work within your price range. Our handles are factory direct so we can offer them for much less than you’d find elsewhere.


By going with custom handles, you can be sure that they will be made out of the finest materials. Our high-quality handles will be a good investment since they will help your cabinets to look good for as long as possible and are made to stand the test of time and wear.

Choose door handles that will be made out of reliable materials that will enhance the look of your kitchen. By updating your cabinet’s style, you can enjoy adding value and beauty to your kitchen with ease.

Visit us today at our showroom in Corona and talk to a professional kitchen designer for free!