Kitchen Storage Pro Tip: the Inside of the Cabinet Doors

Your kitchen cabinets are more than just a place in the home where you can store canned foods and boxes. They also make ideal storage areas for the random items you have that don’t seem to go anywhere else. Everyone has that space where they store all the things that don’t have a designated space.

One way to utilize the space is by using the inside of the cabinets to hang items, but don’t put too much weight on the doors because it could make them uneven or break the hinges. Smaller items can easily be hung making them easier to find and manage.

Our company can give you details about the value that can be added to your home by purchasing kitchen cabinets and how the storage space can be best used. At wholesale prices, the cabinets are a great value and investment.

Install a guide rack in a cabinet with baking supplies that can hold items like aluminum foil and wax paper. You can also keep small boxes for trash bags and snack bags in the rack. Wire CD racks can be used to keep all of those storage lids in one place.

The kitchen cabinet can also be a space where you hang small cooking utensils like measuring cups, spatulas and stirring spoons. This is something to consider if you don’t have a lot of drawers in the kitchen or if you want easy access to the items that you use on a daily basis.

A wire organizer is a place where you can store sheet pans and frying pans. Try not to put heavy items on the rack as they can create a good bit of weight on the door. Slides that you would typically find on a drawer can be installed in the cabinets to hold small jars. Small clear storage containers are ideal for keeping Kool Aid packs together or spice packets used in cooking.

Summit Cabinets can give you more ideas on how to create the most storage space possible – contact us today!

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