One Bathroom at a Time

Design manages a fine line between repetition and variation. Design inside a home should flow from room to room with similar colors, styles, or trends. When looking at the bathroom, special attention is great for providing a similar yet different styling.

Familiarity in a home leaves a sense that the house really is a home. The sense of flow is comforting. Bathroom design isn’t something that forcibly draws attention. It is better when woods, stains, and shapes are modestly attractive.

Also, rooms should be unique. Many bathrooms are remodeled because the upgrades provide a finesse and special presence. Spending time looking at bathroom cabinetry means a level of both consistency and unique position.

The process of bathroom remodeling in Beverly Hills is important because the area has its own special flow and historical design elements. The advice is especially key for this area. Spend time on each bathroom, one at a time.

Choose cabinet fixtures by certain designs, and match complementary elements. Look how positions, space, and presence can be managed to create the ultimate bathroom experience.

Consistency throughout your home is a good thing — good for flow, good for familiarity, good for overall home design. But when upgrading your bathroom, take it one bathroom at a time — really get into the details of your bathroom cabinets. Similarity from room to room is good, but they don’t have to be identical. From upstairs to downstairs, each bathroom can still be its own unique space. Call us for a consultation, we’ll get your bathrooms looking their best!

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