How to Pick the Right Kitchen Cabinets

Perhaps the only thing harder than deciding on a new kitchen décor and layout is settling on the perfect cabinets to complement the room. After all, you’ll have to live with them for 15, 20 years at least. Making sure they match just right in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality is key in the process. And if you can find kitchen cabinets at wholesale prices to save some cash, even better!

No matter the size or layout of your kitchen, though, the cabinetry you choose can vastly improve its efficiency. It takes some clever planning to avoid crowded areas or poor storage space, but we offer these tips to help you.


The first step is to consider the existing layout, or if you’re planning a complete remodel of the space, your desired layout. If you have a small kitchen, go for straight-line layouts. If you have a larger kitchen, consider an L-shaped island kitchen with plenty of storage.

First, figure out where your refrigerator, stove and dishwasher will be arranged, and go from there. Referred to as the “Golden Triangle” of design, this area is a high-traffic zone and is a critical consideration for cabinet positioning. This will determine how much space you need.


Cherry wood is ideal if you’re going for rich, dark finishes, while alternative woods such as mahogany, sapele, bamboo and anaglade are better for more exotic features, as they can be stained and lacquered for a sleek finish, points out HGTV. Textured looks are on the rise, taking over the glazed cabinet treatment look in favor of natural wood grain visible through brushed finishes.

Parts and Accessories

From push-to-open drawers to soft-closing doors, the hinges and runners you choose will affect which handles you choose. For example, push-to-open runners are typically handle-free. Do you like traditional handles for a rustic charm or do you prefer streamlined designer bars for modern luxe? No matter what, always consider your cabinet’s space-saving potential, so be on the lookout for internally-sitting accessories such as bins and wireware to enhance the kitchen’s functionality, suggests Homes to Love.


Speaking of function, consider European-style frameless cabinets that give you more storage options than traditional rail-style cabinets. Touchless cabinets are on the horizon that will follow the same technology that powers touchless kitchen faucets. You’ll definitely want this feature for your waste basket and recycling drawers!


Think of cabinet hardware as the jewelry of your kitchen. Look for fully-adjustable door hardware and recessed bottoms or valances to conceal under-cabinet light fixtures. In terms of drawer pulls, brushed nickel is always a popular choice, but looking forward through 2018, the trend is going towards long, lean brass and gold drawer pulls for their modern yet traditional appeal.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune and invest in luxury cabinets to enjoy top-quality features. Affordably priced, semi-custom cabinets can give you the same beautiful and cutting edge look that expensive fully custom solutions can.

Summit Cabinets sells discount kitchen cabinets at wholesale prices, and we always use solid wood – never particle board. You get top-quality at a more affordable price, resulting in the unique kitchen you’ve always wanted at a price you can afford. Call Summit Cabinets in Corona at 909-980-0700 or fill out our online form for a free kitchen design.

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