Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Need to Know About

Looking to remodel your kitchen? Not sure which style you want? Popular kitchen cabinet styles are a good jumping off point. What’s hot right now? We’re here to tell you what’s trending for the rest of 2019, into 2020.
Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Need to Know About
Here’s a look at the top popular kitchen cabinets in Corona CA to consider.

1.      Inset

Inset cabinets bring a certain timeless and classic design to any kitchen. This means that the door rests inside the cabinet’s frame – unlike other options that sit outside of the cabinet’s frame.

This classic look complements kitchen styles ranging from traditional to French country, falling at the higher end of the price spectrum due to the intricate details as well as the installation process. Use inset cabinets if you want to show off unique hinges, unlike other styles where the goal is to keep those hidden.

2.      Shaker

Shaker cabinets, particular white shaker, are often seen on the covers of modern kitchen design magazines, blogs, and Instagram feeds. Thanks to their versatility in design and clean lines, these are the most popular kitchen trend for cabinets right now.

Shaker style is comprised of five pieces of wood: four for the frame and one for the center panel. Trim surrounds the outer part of the cabinet surface, akin to a frame. The inside insert is solid, while the frame adds extra durability to the door. Marked by their appealing flat panel design, shaker cabinets give you an elegant yet minimalistic look.

You can also bevel the outer frame at varying heights for a shadow effect.

3.      Beadboard

This classic look does well in a farmhouse or cottage style kitchen, lending a charming country vibe to any space. Beadboard is comprised of thin vertical panels running across the door, similar to a pinstripe pattern.

If you have beadboard wall paneling throughout the rest of your home, this is an obvious choice for your kitchen because it adds consistency. An open kitchen layout connecting to a dining room will add even more character thanks to beadboard cabinets and wall paneling.

You can enhance the look by installing a large apron-front sink complemented by farmhouse decor. Just keep in mind, though, that beadboard is tougher to clean and maintain due to all the nooks and crannies.

4.      Flat

Also known as slab cabinets, these cabinets feature a smooth, flat finish, perfect for modern and contemporary kitchens. Their clean and contemporary look is made even more striking when you choose an all-white or all-black palette. Or perhaps you may want to go bolder by adding a pop of color. Flat cabinets work well in bright colors and glossy finishes like candy apple red, deep green, or cobalt blue.

Use hardware to add even more character to your flat panel doors.

5.      Arched

Arched kitchen cabinet give off a bit of flair, either featuring a cathedral style or a double arch design. Arched cabinets tend to be more affordable than other styles.

Cathedral style features a rounded arch at the top of the cabinet panel. A double arch appears on both the top and bottom of the panel for a nice shadow effect with added dimension. You can use this style throughout the entire kitchen or you can focus on one area, such as just the upper cabinets. This style looks even better when distressed, for a vintage look to the space.

6.      Glass-Front

Choose this style if you want to display the interior contents of your cabinets. If you choose this, keep in mind you’ll have to keep the insides neat and organized or else the look gets very cluttered.

It’s a great choice for smaller kitchens because it can give the illusion of making the space look larger. When it comes to glass inserts, you can select from clear see-through glass, textured glass or frosted glass.

Glass cabinets look great when used just at the very top cabinet level, leaving the mid and bottom cabinets with solid doors. This way, you can showcase your family heirlooms, while at the same time concealing your dishes and glasses.

The glass can be comprised of one large piece or it can be sectioned off with divided panels. This is known as mullion style, resembling a window pane. This option tends to be more sturdy and less fragile due to the extra support it gets from the interior stiles. Glass cabinets are also more costly due to the materials and the extra labor required to fit each piece inside the framed door. Plus, they require more maintenance to keep the glass streak-free and shiny.

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