Save Yourself Some Hassle in the Kitchen with Cabinet Door Handles

Redecorating your kitchen can be an arduous task, but sometimes the simplest idea can be the best solution. If you can’t afford completely new cabinetry, you can still refresh the look of your kitchen simply by adding or updating your kitchen cabinet door handles!

Summit Cabinets offers a unique variety of kitchen cabinet door handles, ranging from ornate knobs to sleek pull handles. This hardware is the easiest way to personalize your style; additionally, you can save time and money with a painless DIY installation.

Not only do new cabinet handles personalize your kitchen, but they make life easier. Say you’re cooking up dinner and you need to grab a plate, but your hands have touched raw meat: you can reduce the spread of bacteria by grabbing a handle rather than groping the length of your cabinet door. This also speeds up cleanup time!

Grabbing at your cabinets without handles can wear them out and leave grime that can be difficult or impossible to clean off over time. Adding cabinet hardware can preserve the life of your existing cabinets, thus saving you time and money in the long run.

Once you’ve decided you need new handles for your cabinets, how do you choose which style suits you best?


Paired with easy grasping capabilities, cabinet knobs offer a more artistic touch to dress up the room. There’s a larger variety of knob styles to choose from, such as a simple sleek finish or a textured pattern. The installation of knobs is simpler than that of the pull handle, as it really only requires one screw.

Pull Handles

This style of kitchen cabinet hardware has a more limited selection available in comparison to the knob. However, the pull handle has added durability, as it uses two or more screws during installation for added support. This would be a better choice for heavier drawers that require more strength to open.

Are you still unsure which option is best for you? Call us today or visit our showroom in Corona. Our staff will provide quality customer service and will steer you on the best path to revamp your kitchen.

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