Shaker Cabinets: 3 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love With This Classic American Design

What do you think of when you dream of the perfect kitchen cabinet? A utilitarian object for storing dishes and hiding errant pantry items? Or a sleek, classic piece of American history, just waiting to be filled with treasures? If It’s the latter you desire, then white shaker kitchen cabinets fit the bill. Here’s why you’ll fall in love with this classic design.

  1. The Look

Shaker cabinets are the epitome of classy minimalism. With a five-piece, recessed center panel door, these cabinets are sure to please even the most discerning homeowner. Both simple and sophisticated, shaker cabinets are comfortably at home in a modern setting, though with origins emanating from an earlier time in America’s history…

  1. The Story

Born out of the colonial-era Shaker movement, these cabinets were created with efficiency and simplicity in mind. The religious Shakers were renowned furniture-makers who prized straight lines, subdued beauty, and quality rather than overly ornate construction. Their modest pieces were prized as exceptional furniture and created to last for generations.

  1. The Craftsmanship

Keeping with tradition, the shaker cabinet is built with the highest quality craftsmanship in mind. From the solid wood throughout to the European door hinges and hardware, these cabinets are of exceptional construction. A 14-step finishing process completes each masterpiece.

Displayed in the home, these classic white shaker kitchen cabinets are the perfect blending of traditional Americana and modern design. Warm and inviting, yet sophisticated and simple, there is no wrong choice when it comes to adding this cabinet to your kitchen.

Desire a different color? These beautiful cabinets come in three options:

No matter which color you choose, these classic cabinets are sure to become a centerpiece of your home. Call Summit Cabinets today or visit our showroom in Corona for more.

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