Single Sink vs. Double Sink Bathroom Vanities: Which One to Choose?

When considering a sink for your bathroom, you may wonder whether you should get a single sink vanity or a double sink vanity. Both have their good qualities; really, it comes down to how many people will be using the bathroom, your budget, your space constraints and your style. Keep in mind, you can save money on wholesale bathroom vanities, allowing you to splurge on other accents, such as flooring or faucets.
Single Sink vs. Double Sink Bathroom Vanities: Which One to Choose?
Let’s go over each in detail.

Single Sink Bathroom Vanities

This type of vanity features a single installation point to fit a sink, ranging in size from 16 to 72 inches. You can choose between freestanding and wall-mounted varieties. You’ll like this option because it takes up less space and requires less plumbing; plus, they cost less.

Larger models of bathroom vanities in Santa Ana include more flat countertop space than double sink models, and they often offer more space for drawers due to the lack of a second sink basin.

Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

Double bowl options feature two ports for installing a pair of sinks side-by-side. They typically start at 48 inches in length, thus requiring more space considerations and pre-planning in order to fit properly. They’re more expensive in base price as well as installation costs.

Double sink bathroom vanities in Anaheim do come with their advantages. With two sinks, two people can share the area at the same time. This is useful in master bathrooms, for example, where two spouses need to get ready at the same time without fighting over use of one faucet at once. Plus, double models usually match more high-end, master bathrooms in terms of aesthetics and visual appeal.

How to Choose the Best Single and Double Bathroom Sink Vanities in Corona

There are many things to take into consideration, such as:


Before choosing a style, material or finish, take stock of your bathroom’s pre-determined space, arrangement and orientation. Carefully measure how large the sink vanity you want is, and compare it with the existing bathroom’s size, keeping overall scale in mind.


How do you currently use your bathroom cabinets? Do you store things beneath or near your sink? How do you want to store towels, hygiene products, toiletries and cleaning materials in your new vanity? Consider how convenient it will be, or not be, to access those products. The one that is most practical is probably the better choice.


This goes without saying, but stick to models within your price range. This should be easy when buying wholesale bathroom vanities from Summit Cabinets, where we offer vanity designs reduced up to 30 percent from standard list prices.

Design and Style

When considering the variety of designs and styles for single and double vanity sink models, choose the one that best matches the bathroom’s style, whether that’s modern, traditional, rustic, minimalistic or artistic.

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