The Best Ways to Evaluate Wholesale Kitchen Cabinet Companies in Santa Ana

There are ways you can evaluate various kitchen cabinet manufacturers to ensure you get the quality—and the design—you really want. If you’re on the hunt for affordable wholesale kitchen cabinets in Santa Ana, you need to do your homework so you get the best deal possible with the highest quality materials.

There are few remodeling jobs that are quite as cost and labor intensive as a kitchen remodel. Choosing the right kitchen cabinets in Santa Ana requires diligence and research, as you evaluate not just the cabinets themselves but related accessories. You have to make sure the materials and colors go with your appliances, countertops, hardware, backsplashes, sinks, and faucets.
The Best Ways to Evaluate Wholesale Kitchen Cabinet Companies in Santa Ana
Think of your cabinets as the focal point of the room. Making sure you select the right ones goes beyond style. Think about the company you’re buying from too. Here are the best ways to evaluate wholesale kitchen cabinet companies in Santa Ana.

1.      Company Longevity

When looking for kitchen cabinets in Santa Ana, consider the source. You want your RTA cabinets to last for years, so make sure the company you’re buying from has vast experience in the industry and has been around for a long time.

2.      Durability

Narrow your search down to cabinet manufacturers who specialize in kitchen cabinets and who only use quality materials in their construction. You’ll want to look for solid wood rather than particle board, as well as durable hardware and door handles. Look for flexibility in the sizing and design.

3.      Warranties on Cabinets and Hardware

Consider the warranties offered by each company when you compare cabinet manufacturers. No kitchen cabinet lasts forever, as they endure a lot of wear and tear because they’re in the busiest room in the house. Choosing a warranty that protects you against manufacturer defects is ideal, as well as one that protects the hardware, such as hinges and drawer guides.

4.      Choice of Cabinet Styles

When looking at cabinet manufacturers, browse the styles they offer. Do you see a variety of colors, styles and materials? Do they have cabinets that would match the look and feel of your kitchen? If you don’t care for any of the styles, it’s time to move on. Whether Shaker white, maple glaze or cherry wood, Summit Cabinets always has the styles you want in stock.

5.      Customization

When perusing wholesale kitchen cabinets in Santa Ana, consider whether the companies offer customizations and modifications that allow your cabinets to reflect your personal style and space. That’s the beauty of RTA cabinets: they can be configured to your liking.

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