The Lazy Susan: A Space Solution (or, Tackling the Tumbling Tupperware Tower)

People in the Inland Empire love their Tupperware! It’s true, we all do. Reusable, portable, adaptable, stackable…perfect technology for everyday life.

But finding the perfect piece of Tupperware in a standard kitchen cabinet can be a daunting task. For all their stackability, those plastic containers sure are a mess to store in a kitchen. Rummaging around in search of the right piece, and it’s even more elusive lid, is like playing an intricate game of Jenga.

As likely as not, when you yank the right box out, the contents of the entire cupboard will come crashing down. Trying to move the pieces around within the space for better visibility and access is also next to impossible.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! “Next to impossible” becomes “easy” with the space-saving corner cabinet with a Lazy Susan. The Lazy Susan is a revolving, stacked set of large trays set into a corner cabinet, perfectly filling previously unusable space with a system that allows the user to easily see and, more importantly, easily access whatever it holds (i.e. that pesky Tupperware). The revolving feature allows you to see all pieces from every angle, and eliminates the necessity of stacking things as high.

Summit Cabinets, your source for wholesale kitchen cabinets in Corona, has a wide variety of Lazy Susan designs that can solve any homeowner’s storage issues and make smart use of difficult space.

The cabinet door enclosing the Lazy Susan fits right in with any finish or design you might choose for your cabinets, creating the harmonious, custom look you want—at wholesale prices!

The Lazy Susan is a unique, practical feature that is an attractive and useful addition to any kitchen. Come in and talk to one of our certified professionals today about this and any other features that will make your dream kitchen a reality!

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