Things to Consider Before Kitchen Remodeling in Corona, CA

Before taking on a big kitchen remodeling project, there are many things to think about. Whether you’re looking to replace certain things like the cabinets, flooring and appliances, or you want a complete overhaul of the whole space, you’ll need to look beyond cost in order to have a successful renovation. From style and flow to permitting and time frames, consider these factors before doing a kitchen remodel in Corona CA.

Important Features

First off, you have to consider who will be using the kitchen the most and for what purpose. If it’s you, because you love to cook, bake and entertain, then you will want to make most of the decisions in terms of flow, features, appliances, storage and cabinetry. The amount of money you spend will depend on which areas you want to make over. You’ll also have to consider how important each feature is to you.
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For example, the National Kitchen & Bath Association as reported on Home Advisor says you can expect:

  • 29 percent of your kitchen remodeling budget to go toward cabinetry and hardware
  • 17 percent installation
  • 14 percent appliances and ventilation
  • 10 percent countertops
  • 7 percent flooring
  • 5 percent lighting
  • 5 percent walls and ceiling
  • 4 percent faucets and plumbing
  • 4 percent design fees

Most homeowners must work within a budget, so deciding where to splurge and where to save should be one of the first considerations. Consider saving on RTA kitchen cabinets at wholesale prices instead of custom cabinetry and installation.

Contractors and Permits

If you’re going the contractor route, you’ll have to do your research. Ask your friends and family who they recommend, make sure they are licensed and have liability insurance, and be sure to get approval and obtain all necessary permits from the city prior to the start of your project.


Notify your neighbors before taking on a major kitchen remodel. Such jobs can be noisy and dirty, with large delivery trucks, disposal services and contractors coming to your property daily. Refrain from starting loud jobs early in the morning or late at night. In fact, it’s a good idea to check with your city on its noise bylaws.


Sledgehammers aren’t the only thing involved in a demo. You may also have to turn off the water supply, shut down the electricity, unscrew cabinetry and protect your home’s structural integrity (leaving load-bearing walls intact, for example). Talk to a building engineer before you start tearing down walls or perform any major gutting work.

Style and Flow

You should keep the new kitchen’s style consistent with the style of the rest of the home. Think about your kitchen’s work triangle and make sure you have a smooth-flowing, triangular path from the refrigerator to the stove to the sink. Design your cabinetry around that flow and be sure to incorporate plenty of storage options.


For longevity, choose solid wood and steer clear of particle board. Likewise, the shelves should be made of solid wood too, so as to avoid sagging and warping. That’s what we offer here at Summit Cabinets, along with concealed and adjustable hinges, and soft-close door hinge hardware. Consider going with contemporary ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets, which significantly cut down on your installation time and labor. They typically take about 10 to 20 minutes to install, using only a flathead screwdriver.


Do you need more chopping, prepping, eating and storage room than your current space allows? An island makes a great compromise for more space, without having to knock down walls. A leggy island, for example, will give you an open, spacious feel; or, you could opt for a space-saving island that holds the dishwasher, sink or stove. Just be sure to leave enough space around the island so you can easily maneuver, or open the fridge or a door.


When choosing countertops, keep in mind that light-colored countertops give contrast against dark cabinetry and vice versa. You may be looking at granite, which comes in a wide variety of colors and veining, or perhaps you would like to try soapstone, wits its smooth appealing texture in deep dark grays. From concrete to ceramic tile, the option you choose here must match the style and color of your cabinetry for a cohesive look.


If you have the tools and skills, performing some of the work yourself will save you money. Just be sure you calculate the costs beforehand and make sure it won’t end up costing you even more by the time you invest in the tools and materials. Buying wholesale cabinets for your kitchen remodel in Corona CA is just one way you can save cash.

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