Time to Stock Your Brand New Kitchen Cabinets

One of the best parts about installing brand-new kitchen cabinets is reorganizing your kitchen! That may sound boring, but being able to organize your kitchen so that your everyday activities are no longer a chore is not just a rewarding endeavor, but a delightful challenge to any mind. It requires both memory and imagination.

The Everyday Items

Think about what you use most often and put those items in easy reach.

Organizing expert Julie Blanner suggests on her blog that anything you use more than three times a week should stay on the countertop. Everything else goes in a cabinet. This rule will keep your countertops clear and increase your workspace.

The Anxiety Triggers

Think about what stresses you out about your kitchen. Is it a jumbled spice cabinet? Is it having to walk halfway across the room to get to the dishwasher or never finding the right lid for your saucepan? Now you can right those wrongs.

If you’re always losing the lids to your pots and containers, try a wire rack or a file divider to keep them standing neatly on a shelf. Martha Stewart suggests using small tension rods to organize lids, cutting boards and cookie sheets.

Work with your current layout to make life easier. Try a lazy susan in a cabinet so you can always find the spice you need. Place dishes and mugs next to the dishwasher for fast unloading.

Do you do a lot of baking? Stash your mixer and its accessories in a close-by wall cabinet.

Kitchen drawers easily become junk drawers. Corral the clutter with drawer dividers and designate a separate drawer for various things, e.g. silverware in one and oven mitts in another. Add hooks to the underside of a cabinet and hang mugs or towels there.

Plan For Reorganization from the Very Beginning

It helps to understand what your current pain points are before even beginning your kitchen redesign. Work with a designer not just one what your new kitchen will look like, but how you’ll use it on a daily basis.

The efficient kitchen of your dreams can be a reality. Contact Summit Cabinets; we are your trusted local seller of wholesale kitchen cabinets in Corona, and our designers are NKBA certified to help you start building your dream today.

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