Tips For a Great Bathroom Redesign

Think about it: you use the toilet, shower, bathe and wash your hair (and maybe the dog’s hair as well), style your hair, shave, and much more in your bathroom. When all is said and done you spend a lot of time each day in the bathroom, and with these 4 tips you can make it one of the best rooms in the house.

1. Style and Color: It is very important to blend style and color with the rest of your house. Grab a color wheel (or find one online) and use it to help decide the best color for the bathroom. Also, little things like towels and soap dispensers can help the bathroom match the rest of the home stylistically. Use accent colors sparingly and intentionally and you can have a bathroom that really brightens your day.

2. Space: is it hard to walk through the bathroom or does the space just look cramped? Use the space you have wisely. A trip to your local home improvement store can help give you ideas.

3. Shelving: Do you have stuff laying on countertops, sitting in baskets or falling out of the linen closet? The right shelving can make a difference in the bathroom. Think vertically, not horizontally.

4. Lighting: Even with proper style, color, shelving and utilization of space a bathroom can look and feel terrible without the proper lighting. With all you do in the bathroom, a bright clean light is preferred. Select the proper fixtures and bulbs to get the glow you are looking for – and to make yourself look good in the mirror!

With these 4 steps, an easy bathroom redesign is in your future. Just remember once you are done to enjoy the wonderful space you have created!

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