Tips to Save Money on New Kitchen Cabinets

When considering new kitchen cabinets in Corona CA, your mind naturally wanders to how you can save money on this project. After all, kitchen remodels are one of the most expensive remodels there are. How can you make your kitchen look amazing while still keeping some cash in your wallet?

Tips to Save Money on New Kitchen Cabinets

First off, buying wholesale kitchen cabinets will save you a ton of money right off the bat. That’s because Summit Cabinets buys in bulk, transferring that savings onto our valued customers. We also offer RTA cabinets which you put together yourself to save even more money.

Here are some more tips on how to save money on your new kitchen cabinets in Corona CA:

1.      Compare Door Styles

You likely have a specific door style in mind but it’s wise to choose at least a few options so you can compare the cost. Door styles make a big difference in the price of your kitchen cabinets.

For example, raised panel and inset door styles generally cost more. Shaker-style doors usually cost less, but this varies on the cabinet manufacturer. Slab door fronts are less expensive which is great for thrifty homeowners on a budget, and they’re perfect for modern or contemporary kitchens.

2.      Use Open Shelving

You may sacrifice storage space by forgoing cabinets and opting for open shelving, but you’ll save money. Standard wall cabinets can make up the bulk of your budget devoted to kitchen remodeling in Corona, so go for the open shelf look and save some cash. Just keep in mind you will have to do more in the way of maintenance, such as dusting and organizing.

3.      Choose an Affordable Wood Species

The right wood species will save you a lot of money too. Oak is affordable, and hickory is one step up. Maple can get very expensive, as can cherry. Wood species price is largely determined by the cabinet manufacturer, so ask your local cabinet designer about which wood species are most affordable in your area.

Here at Summit Cabinets, our kitchen cabinets are made from solid wood; no particle board is used.

4.      Consider RTA Cabinets

RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets have many advantages over professional installations. You won’t have to gut your entire kitchen and lose its functionality for days and weeks on end, plus, you’ll pay a much lower cost overall.

5.      Nix the Soft-Close Drawers and Full-Extension Slides

You can sacrifice common upgrades like soft-close drawers and full-extension slides to save a few hundred dollars, and you likely won’t even notice what you’re missing. They’re just nice-to-have perks after all, and aren’t necessary for functional and aesthetic designs. You may want to try door pulls instead if you’re worried about wear and tear. This is a much more affordable option that preserves the integrity of your drawer and door fronts.

6.      Don’t Opt for Pullouts

Any kind of pullout, such as sliding shelves, trash bins, or miracle corners, will hike up your bill. Put your trash bin somewhere else, like in the pantry or at the end of the island. Opt for the standard blind corners and base cabinets and forget about the bells and whistles.

7.      Customize Less

It just makes sense: the fewer details you select, the less you will pay. Forget about the matching end panels, corbels, decorative legs, glass door fronts, and crown molding, which can all get very costly. Your kitchen will look just as nice with standard additions.

8.      Refrain From Adding a Glaze to Paint or Stain

Adding a glaze can be very tempting since it can add to the aesthetics of your kitchen cabinets. However, it also adds a lot to the cost of your remodel. Forget about glazing so you can save a few bucks.

9.      Get More Doors, Fewer Drawers

If you love raised panel door styles, go for a clean-looking wood species such as maple. They may cost more, but you can offset that cost by incorporating fewer drawers in your design. Drawer bases are more expensive than standard base cabinets, so you can save hundreds per cabinet piece by doing it this way.

10. Shop Around

Visit several kitchen cabinet designers and showrooms to get a good idea of what’s out there. Get a few quotes from a few different places so you have a nice range of costs. Don’t be afraid to haggle. You can likely get the price down on the cabinets you really want by saying you were quoted a lower price elsewhere.

11.  Choose a Local Cabinet Designer

The kitchen installation itself contributes big time to the cost. Choose a kitchen designer that’s local and that offers quality services at affordable prices. Ask around for word of mouth recommendations.

12. Install Cabinets Yourself

As we alluded to above, purchase RTA cabinets that are fully ready to assemble. You just have to put them together yourself (it doesn’t take a master’s degree either!) and save a ton of money. In fact, RTA cabinets can be installed in 10 to 20 minutes per cabinet, and you just need a flathead screwdriver to do the job. Why hire a professional installer to do it for you when you can do it yourself for a fraction of the price?

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