Understanding NKBA Certification and What It Means to You

No matter if you are a professional contractor or do-it-yourself weekend project leader, you should always be able to depend upon the experience of qualified design and service professionals to install kitchen cabinets. Some jobs positively demand professional expertise. We are here to help the Inland Empire with its kitchen remodeling needs.

Certified Specialists
The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) is an association that grants a certification of top level skill and expertise in the work of certified members who deliver a superior product or result when compared to the industry standards. The NKBA is dedicated to preserving professionalism and quality of work within the home improvement and housing industry by issuing these certifications.

To become a member and earn certification, applicants must demonstrate high levels of knowledge and expertise in their niche and must keep up with the latest advances in technology and knowledge to retain membership.

There are two branches of certification from the NKBA. One incorporates both the skillful creation of kitchen improvement designs and incorporation of the design into the home, while the second focuses solely on quality installation of already existing designs. The first is more popular due to encompassing the entire process from start to finish, but both certifications display a high skill level when it comes to implementing the designs.

NKBA designers also have special training for working with and around other standard household features such as electrical and plumbing systems. They also have to have extensive knowledge of kitchen and bath design and installation, including common planning standards for those rooms. Problem solving and the ability to work around custom designs with ease also separate NKBA certification from regular contractors.

Individuals without design skills or knowledge can still considered to be experts in bath and kitchen projects, and are shown consistently to be in high demand. Despite not having the NKBA design certification they still possess the professionalism and technical skill required to meet NKBA standards on all installation and construction procedures.

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