What Colors Match Our Cabinets?

Renovating a kitchen may involve expanding the square footage of the room, or may just be a simple facelift of the existing space. For a kitchen remodel in Corona, characteristics of the project usually include new kitchen cabinets.

Some people have a specific color scheme in mind, and choose cabinets based on this option. Others might fall in love with a particular color and style of cabinetry. In this case, they must then coordinate the choice with rest of the room.

Regardless of the approach you choose, consider some helpful color matching hints.

Cherry Cabinets

The rich red tones of dark cherry wood suggest luxury and warmth. Different effects are realized depending on the accent colors of the space.

To give the appearance of a larger space, contrast cherry cabinets with whites, creams, light tans, pale grays or light blue. Create a warm vibe with neutral browns, golds, greens or grays. Golds and yellows create more of a sunny, warm atmosphere while grays tend to offer more of a dramatic contrast.

Combining colors that contrast on the color wheel make for a dramatic look. Complement red cherry tones with a shade of green. Grass or hunter greens lend themselves to a more striking contrast. Moss, olive or similar hues make the contrast more subtle.

White Cabinets

White cabinetry provides a blank canvas that allows for any number of color combinations. Paint walls and woodwork white and contrast the brilliance with contrasting stone countertops, stainless appliances, metallic light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and cabinetry hardware. Perhaps choose one wall, accent and contrast the space with wallpaper.

Homeowners might also choose to tile the walls and backsplash with a slightly earthy tone and add complementary accents throughout the room.

Maple Cabinets

Cabinets created using maple range in color from off-white to light reddish-brown. Complement maple cabinetry with white or off-white walls. This color theme makes the space appear more open while ensuring adequate light.

On the other hand, walls boasting dark or chocolate brown tones make for a dramatic contrast. For a richer, more luxurious atmosphere, use softened green or gray hues for the walls and countertops.

Create a warm environment by using deep yellow, pumpkin orange or Tuscan red contrasts. Remember that the difference between light, medium or darker hues also controls the amount of light in the space.

Coordinating Floors

Don’t forget to consider floor color when planning a scheme around the cabinetry. Floor color also plays an influence in the overall appeal of the room. With darker cabinets and floors, contrast the space using lighter wall hues. Conversely, owners might consider matching light, medium or dark wall and floor hues to contrast cabinet color.

Scheme Unification

In order to bring the color scheme of a kitchen together, repeat the wall color a minimum of three times throughout the space. Add the desired color in window treatments, chair cushions and table linens. With the selection of vibrant colors that are now available in stone and tile, the wall color might also be repeated in countertops or the backsplash.

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