White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: The Hot Remodeling Design Trend

Appealing to the minimalist in all of us, Shaker style kitchens are nothing if not honest: sleek, unadorned, sophisticated with a no-fuss approach. Taking its name from the religious sect that dominated New England in the 1700s, Shaker style kitchens adopt the same mindset that its original followers believed: that every object in a home has a function and that decoration is unnecessary.

Perhaps this understated beauty and timeless design are why so many homeowners these days prefer the simplicity of white Shaker kitchen cabinets. Harking back to a history of heartfelt craftsmanship, Shaker kitchens fit just about any style of home, with no other kitchen style standing the test of time quite like it. Thus, it’s universal and versatile, complementing country cottages, grander period residences and postwar homes with a focus on minimalist kitchens backed by simple, unpretentious design, points out Real Homes. These qualities are what make white Shaker kitchen cabinets the hot new trend right now.

A Look at the Design

This perennially classic kitchen design eschews fancy moldings and ornate decorations, intending to focus instead on the natural beauty of the wood and simple hardware. Choosing a white Shaker style opens up your kitchen by the sheer absence of color, letting the natural light and open spaces speak for themselves.
White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets
True to Shaker design that produced proportionate and minimalist furniture, cabinets in this style are sleek and sophisticated with a modern touch to meet the demands of today’s discriminating home owner. This minimalistic cutting-edge approach allows you to achieve the originality you want in a modern kitchen.

For example, Summit Cabinets offers the complete package when it comes to RTA (ready to assemble) Shaker cabinets, featuring:

  • Solid wood cabinet and door frames, doors, and door fronts
  • Soft closing drawers
  • Six-way adjustable hinges
  • 14-step finishing process
  • European door hinges and hardware

Benefits of White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

It seems white Shaker kitchen cabinets have always been in style in some form or another, but especially so in light of the growing trend towards open-air, open concept living. Not only can a white kitchen open up a small space, it can actually make it feel cooler in terms of temperature, whereas dark colors tend to absorb heat.

Enjoy several benefits associated with white Shaker cabinets in Corona CA and beyond:

  • Cleaner, more inviting look
  • Complements tight spaces just as well as open concepts
  • Natural warmth and glow
  • Timeless beauty that won’t go out of style
  • Reflects natural light

Details in Trends

While a simple white Shaker kitchen can certainly hold its own in terms of design, there are many ways you can complement that style to incorporate more visual points of interest.

Terracotta Tile

Complement the classic Shaker style with terracotta tile for a welcoming, rustic kitchen. This material is becoming popular yet again, working very well with the simplicity of Shaker-style kitchens. Try adding a freestanding cupboard, painted to match, as well as a slim, vintage table offering extra work surfaces for added warmth and character instead of a modern island, suggests Houzz. You may also want to pair it with some tongue-and-groove paneling, which also happens to be another Shaker favorite, in a horizontal pattern on the walls. If you go vertically instead, top it with a peg rail.

Open it Up

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Opened
Open shelving is a staple in Shaker lore. However, if you’re not a fan of dusting, you might want to try a similar option, which is a glass-fronted cupboard interspersed within standard white cabinets. Offering an airy feel, you don’t even need to go as tall here. You could get away with shorter, two-shelf cupboards that still give you visible wall space around them. This is a great feature of RTA cabinets: the ability to customize your cabinets exactly how you want!

Plate Rack for Storage

The Shakers knew how to design a room for the exact type of storage needs a homeowner may have. Thus, a simple white painted plate rack will help you display your plates and show off your favorite ones. They’re also easy to grab and easy to store, with minimal chipping thanks to their non-stacking nature.

Blend Contemporary with Traditional

Of course, the one advantage we have today over the Shakers from the 1700s was the ability to mask traditional styles in modern conveniences. Choose soft closing drawers to avoid banging, made possible through six-way adjustable hinges. European hardware complements your classic design yet affords easy gripping for closing and opening. The right door hinges can hide the harsh metal hardware lurking underneath.

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