Who Puts Drawer Handles on a False Drawer?

False drawer handles? Who would do such a thing? If the drawer doesn’t open, why make it look like it does?

Well, false drawer handles are very popular and have a place in the home for several reasons. Though they do not function the way normal drawers would, they can still be useful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Having a false drawer handle adds continuity and are more visually appealing than having a bald-faced drawer. Although having a drawer handle on a false drawer does not increase storage space, many enjoy the look of having all of their drawer faces with knobs or handles. Having a big empty space is inconsistent, and can draw attention where you’d actually want it least.


In congruence with having the aesthetic appeal of handles, you now have more space to hang rags or aprons in your bathroom or kitchen. False handles aren’t necessarily designed for that, but their function as hangers is great. You always have a place to hang a rag or towel instead of running over to a designated area.


It may not be the most mature choice, but putting false handles on drawers can be quite humorous. Watching guests or small children try to open them is usually pretty amusing. It never hurts to have a little extra entertainment in your life!

In the end, false handles are really a matter of taste and preference, and you may want consistency and extra space to hang things. Some may like them, some may not, it’s all up to you. If it is your thing, check out kitchen cabinets at our store in Corona, CA for more information.

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