Wholesale Cabinet Materials – The Wood Matters

The raw materials that make up cabinetry really define what a craftsman or manufacturer can do with the product. Looking into the wood can reveal how the product will last and the impression it will make.

Wood quality depends on grain and density. A dense wood tends to be better because it is heavier although harder to work with. It can also be much more long lasting. A soft pine is cheaper, but may also chip or become pockmarked over time.

The biggest thing to avoid is particle board. Particleboard uses the left-overs from the mill. The sawdust and shavings that would normally be thrown away, are turned into wood. This is a cheap and unattractive creation that doesn’t look good anywhere on cabinets.

A great piece of wood has a character of its own. The grain of the wood contains years of history. Every gnarl or striation of the wood tells a story that can be proudly shown. Every straight line and curve adds a natural design. Stand out with your kitchen or bathroom remodeling in Beverly Hills, CA.

Summit cabinets offer a couple of great woods that will last long and have a beautiful grain, stained or natural. Maple is one material that makes up the darker looks with a full wood appearance. American cherry can also provide the American cabin feeling in your modern home.

Quality is the main goal in producing cabinetry. A quality cabinet starts with the wood. Summit Cabinet makes sure to only use the highest quality materials in the cabinet production so the final product is as pure as possible.

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