Be Your Own Zillion Dollar Chef without Spending a Zillion Dollars!

Reality television has everyone wanting to be a famous chef, or at least as close as possible to those famous chefs they see. One required thing for this is a world class kitchen.

Unfortunately, we aren’t all blessed with the multi-million dollar kitchens those great television star chefs get to use.

So what then? Why, remodeling the existing kitchen, of course!

But you don’t have to be a zillionaire to upgrade the right way. There are many affordable options to get the designer kitchen of your dreams – just like the ones you see on television. Replacing the kitchen cabinets and updating small fixtures, like faucets, can go a very long way in the updating efforts, but it’s the countertops that speak most honestly to the quality of your kitchen.

Countertops in your kitchen should be of the best quality possible. Marble and granite countertops have long been popular choices, however they can be pricey.

Quartz countertops are extremely popular. They withstand the heat of those pots and pans straight from the stove top or hot cookie sheets directly from the oven. They are made from one of the most abundant materials on earth: granite quartz. Therefore, they are a bit lower in price than their all-natural counterparts.

Formica has been a long time standard in kitchen construction. Unfortunately, Formica chips and shows cuts easily. Quartz stands up to that kind of wear and tear. It is hard enough that it will never show knife marks or the chips that might occur from dropping heavy objects upon it.

Got something stuck on? No worries. With quartz you can scrub with simple abrasive cleansers without worry of ruining the finish or the color. Formica would wear through after a relatively short time.

Quartz is quite the versatile substance. Quartz kitchen countertops withstand every element you could possibly throw at it in your kitchen culinary adventures. Things like water could be detrimental to low-quality countertop “finishes,” but not quartz. It handles it all with ease and looks just as fabulous after clean up as it did at the installation.

Modern quartz countertops can be ordered in any length or shape, too. We can custom cut the size you require for your little slice of culinary heaven. The prices are affordable. With a plethora of quartz color and shade options available, there’s no reason to wait any longer to make your super-chef kitchen in your own home!

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