Hot Bathroom Vanity Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

Now that 2020 is here, it’s time to take a look ahead at what will be hot this year in terms of wholesale bathroom vanities. Here are some of the hottest looks for your bathroom this year, a useful guide especially if you’re looking to tackle a renovation soon. 1. Minimalist Style It seems simplicity […]

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Single Sink vs. Double Sink Bathroom Vanities: Which One to Choose?

When considering a sink for your bathroom, you may wonder whether you should get a single sink vanity or a double sink vanity. Both have their good qualities; really, it comes down to how many people will be using the bathroom, your budget, your space constraints and your style. Keep in mind, you can save […]

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10 Reasons White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets are the Best Choice for Your Kitchen

Today’s homeowners have a myriad of choices when it comes to kitchen cabinet colors, glazes, stains and finishes, yet white Shaker kitchen cabinets are still as popular as ever. This perennial popularity is likely due to a combination of the timeless color of white and the traditional Shaker style. Shaker style cabinets are modeled after […]

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Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Need to Know About

Looking to remodel your kitchen? Not sure which style you want? Popular kitchen cabinet styles are a good jumping off point. What’s hot right now? We’re here to tell you what’s trending for the rest of 2019, into 2020. Here’s a look at the top popular kitchen cabinets in Corona CA to consider. 1.      Inset […]

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Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget in Anaheim, CA

Not everyone can afford a huge, costly kitchen remodeling project. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend less and still get an amazing kitchen at a fraction of the cost. You just have to be smart about where you apply your resources. One big expense of a kitchen remodel is typically the cabinets. But if […]

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Signs You Need to Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets in Santa Ana

Are you in desperate need of a kitchen refresh? The signs are there, from outdated cabinetry designs to dysfunctional drawers. You probably already know the answer because you use your kitchen every day, but here are some telltale signs you need to remodel your kitchen cabinets in Santa Ana. 1.      No Flow A big complaint […]

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A Step-by-Step Guide for Planning Your Kitchen Remodeling in Corona

If you are planning a remodel job with kitchen cabinets in Corona CA at the forefront, you’ll have to do some planning before you do anything else. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you start out. #1: Get Inspiration Now is when you should consider decorating styles and think about the colors you want for […]

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6 Amazing Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Your Santa Ana House

When you think of your ideal kitchen, do you think clean and contemporary or country charm? What about somewhere in the middle? It all starts with wholesale kitchen cabinets in Santa Ana. Every style cabinet has a personality of its own. New cabinetry can transform your kitchen into a showpiece, bringing the whole look together. […]

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