The 5 Best Tips for Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom should be an exciting adventure that ends with you having your dream bathroom. Remodeling has numerous benefits, the most important of which is increasing the value of your home. It can seem overwhelming to undertake a bathroom remodel. However, with careful planning a bathroom remodel project is worth it. If you want […]

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Make the Right Countertop Choice for Your Kitchen Remodel

Countertops are one of the key elements to a kitchen remodel. The quality and aesthetic of your kitchen countertops can increase your home’s value or detract from your hard work, so it’s important to choose the right material for your kitchen counters. As you navigate the many decisions that go into remodeling your kitchen, you […]

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5 Tips to Hire The Right Kitchen Remodel Contractor

If you’re considering kitchen remodeling in Corona CA, a professional contractor can help you decide. Not sure what to look for in a contractor? These 5 tips can help: 1. Get Multiple Bids When you start looking for contractors, make a list of your top 3 or 4, even if you think you know who […]

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How to Fall in Love with Your Next Kitchen Remodel

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. In so many ways, this is so beautifully true. It is a convenient meeting point for catching up when guests first arrive. It’s a generator of intoxicating scents that spread throughout the house, alerting everyone that their stomachs are about to have a party. It […]

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Be Your Own Zillion Dollar Chef without Spending a Zillion Dollars!

Reality television has everyone wanting to be a famous chef, or at least as close as possible to those famous chefs they see. One required thing for this is a world class kitchen. Unfortunately, we aren’t all blessed with the multi-million dollar kitchens those great television star chefs get to use. So what then? Why, […]

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Making Your Dream Kitchen A Reality Without Breaking the Bank

Are you tired of your same old kitchen? Have you moved into a new home and your kitchen needs some work? Or are you searching for a way to increase your home’s value? Summit Cabinets is here to help! Kitchens are no joke. They are one of the most commonly used rooms in any given […]

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Optimize Your Morning Routine with New Bathroom Cabinets

As productivity experts teach, your morning routine is a key part of your day. It sets the tone for the entire day. It’s the time to not just get ready but also get focused for the day ahead. And this is a little-known secret: a set of new bathroom cabinets can help to optimize your […]

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Save Yourself Some Hassle in the Kitchen with Cabinet Door Handles

Redecorating your kitchen can be an arduous task, but sometimes the simplest idea can be the best solution. If you can’t afford completely new cabinetry, you can still refresh the look of your kitchen simply by adding or updating your kitchen cabinet door handles! Summit Cabinets offers a unique variety of kitchen cabinet door handles, […]

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