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Artis Wall Installation Timelapse

Product Name: Artis Wall Cost: $15 sq.ft Artis Wall™ planks are Crafted from authentic, reclaimed wood, each plank was originally part of a barn or structure from around the country.

Use the planks in a variety of locations and rooms around the house.

Artis Wall provides homeowners & renters the ability to install authentic, beautiful accent walls in minutes.

They can also be removed cleanly and re-installed in your next space.

“Home decor has changed for the better because of this.” -Inc. 

“For a luxurious look, try these removable and reusable wooden planks.” -BuzzFeed

“The planks are also removable and reusable and won’t damage your walls.” -The Awesomer

Installation took 1 hour and 30 minutes with 1 worker.

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Summit Cabinets in Corona, CA offers a wide selection of cabinets, handles and countertops at wholesale prices — up to 40% off what you’d pay at a big box store!


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Summit Cabinets is a custom kitchen cabinet wholesaler based in Corona, CA, serving all of Southern California.

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